Legal Services-


Nalini-Global offers the following services, : Legal insurance plans, general life-coaching consultations, independent paralegal services (contract review, document creation, ect.)


1. Personalized Pre-paid Legal Plans for individuals and businesses. 

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Never fear a legal issue again! Have an on-call attorney handle all legal issues and questions starting at 65 cents per day! You’ve heard of car insurance, now you have LEGAL insurance. 

Here at “Nalini-Global” we pride ourselves on being supporters of international human rights.  However, we do not ignore the needs and problems associated with our domestic systems either.  We have decided to partner up with “Legal-Shield” to offer low-cost pre-paid legal insurance to our followers.  We have personal plans for private individuals, truck drivers and small business owners. Contact us to get a free consultation for yourself, family, or business.

Whether you are fighting a traffic ticket, need an HR department set up for your company, you are named in a lawsuit,need a will prepared, have been arrested, or just need to ask a legal question from a licensed lawyer, our service has you covered! Now you can finally have 24/7 access to an attorney for an affordable monthly rate starting at only $17 a month! Plans for businesses also include free marketing consultations and collection letters sent to delinquent customers. The small business plan, just like the less expensive “personal plan”, will have your company  protected against lawsuits and you will have access to attorneys 24/7.  This is a service you cannot afford to be without!

Let us handle the hassle for you!

Please use our exclusive link below to obtain the best rate possible and in order to have “Nalini-Global” act as your representative between yourself and the provider.

*Upon subscribing, give us a call and have your living will created for you at no charge!

email us at to set up a FREE phone consultation to see which plan is right for you! Notary services available to Nashville,Tn clients.





*We are licensed to issue this service

(As a token of appreciation, anyone who signs up and lives in the middle Tennessee area will receive boxing lessons in our local gym and free notary services)


Paralegal Services:

If you are in need of drafting a document, contract or need special assistance gathering legal research for a legal matter, we are happy to assist! Please e-mail us at to inquire further. This is especially great for people who are not interested in the legal insurance plan, but still need “one-time” legal services.